The Fund

The CyCap Opportunity Fund is a private equity investment fund targeting venture, growth and expansion opportunities arising from the exceptional circumstances now emerging in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Our premiere fund, the CyCap Opportunity Fund has been granted the distinguished European EuVECA designation, and is registered both in Cyprus with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and across the EU with the European Securities and Markets Authority.

The Fund’s 10-year life-cycle allows CyCap to cultivate a long-term investment approach designed to generate sustained value for the private companies we invest in. While targeting opportunities in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean, our efforts seek to facilitate growth and expansion both locally and internationally, allowing our portfolio companies to leverage the unique regional position of our region; at the epicenter of adjacent markets in the EU, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Our international experience and understanding of investment strategy, combined with deep local knowledge, offers a critical nexus between the immediate opportunities for value investing and the lucrative opportunities for longer-term value creation.

Registered and Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and the European Securities and Markets Authority

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