The Strategy

Pursuing Vision

Our vision is to pursue truly exceptional private equity opportunities in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean and to cultivate them into world class businesses for the mutual benefit of our fund investors and our portfolio companies.

Enhancing Value

Increasing shareholder value is the fundamental, day to day business of private equity. Our focus on corporate governance and value creation strategy helps our portfolio companies to concentrate commercial attention on core business efforts and increasing shareholder value.

From the application of corporate and financial discipline, to the implementation of value creation strategies, CyCap seeks to enhance both the capability and capacity of the Fund’s portfolio companies to fulfil their fundamental purpose: Generating Capital Gains.

Accelerating Velocity

CyCap understands that capital gains can only be realised through the execution of a viable exit strategy. CyCap seeks to identify possible exits during the earliest stages of deal flow management and integrates probable exits as a key component of value creation strategy.

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